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As incumbent institutions are increasingly threatened by the wild potential of blockchain tech, only truly decentralized cryptocurrencies will survive. Existing in response to contract censorship on sister chain Ethereum, Classic has proven its ability to resist censorship against all the odds, and to deliver the original Ethereum vision of unstoppable applications.

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Platform Features

Ethereum Classic

ETC Consortium

It's an association formed by organisations, businesses, and individuals belonging to different crypto communities to promote ETC's fundamental values, which include resistance against censorship, absolute immutability, and decentralisation.

ETC Decentralised

It relies on a Proof of Work consensus procedure, which means there's no need for an intermediary or a central authority. Transactions can take place without them, and smart contracts are self-executable.

ETC Core

This is the lead development team of the ETC project, which has been tasked with maintaining the Core-Geth client, EVM-LLVM backend project, and infrastructure tooling and specs. The team also ensures protocol research and timely updates.

ETC Labs

This is the financial wing of the ETC project with the primary objective of acquiring required funding and forging long term relationships with institutions and organisations to deal with the challenges.

ETC Cooperative

This team's main objective is to lead ETC protocol development and ensure the creation of a mature ecosystem achieved through accelerated adoption of ETC by consumers and commercial entities, enhanced collaboration between stakeholders, and mature transparency and governance.

GΓΆdel Labs

It is a blockchain venture studio that is working on Web3 and creating decentralised systems. They have collaborated with ETC to launch decentralised applications, solutions, and products.

The Original Ethereum

How Safe Is Ethereum Classic? ETC

Quite safe. Every transaction that occurs on the Ethereum Classic blockchain is made extremely secure by cryptographical encryption. Due to the way that the Ethereum blockchain network has been structured, it has a high number of nodes to verify transactions at a rapid pace. The majority of the cyber-attacks generally target poorly programmed dApps or smart contracts, instead of the blockchain. However, it won't have the updated security of ETH 2.0, which is moving to a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

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Token Details

Ethereum Classic


Token Distribution

Airdrop & Sale 40%
Locked Liquidity 20%
Staking & Governance 20%
Team (Locked) 10%
Marketing & Bounty 10%

Token Details

Name - Ethereum Classic
Symbol - ETC
Decimals - 18
Token Supply - 2 Billion

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